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Upload your photos, videos and stories right here on the web, schedule a time — and we do the rest.
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Plany Unlike other solutions, you don't need your phone to tell you that something is scheduled. Plany does it all for you.

Easy To Use

We have developed a clear dashboard that allow you to manage your Instagram accounts easily.

Enhance your content

Customize your publications with our photo editor. Add emojis and trending hashtags to your posts.

Schedule your posts

We don't notify you to post. You schedule your post, we post it.
That's it!


Plany does not keep your Instagram password. You can be sure that your data is protected.

Fully Automated Posting

No annoying reminders or push notifications. You schedule the post, we handle the rest. No interaction required on your part


Schedule posts for any day or time. You can even post them right from your computer!

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